Intelligent Community of the Year

CEO of Waterfront Toronto John Campbell (left) has reason to smile, as he receives the prize for The Intelligent Community of the Year in New York City.  He shared the stage with Cristina Verner, director of Intelligent Communities, which awarded the prize, and IBM executive John Longbottom. The prestigious honour was based on our own neighbourhood and lands extending east to the Port Lands, getting Canada’s most advanced broadband Internet service. Every home and business will have access this super fast one-gigabyte network — for video conferences to film editing and emailing your grandmother. It will open the Waterfront to unparalleled economic opportunities and competitiveness. This is yet another international prize for Waterfront Toronto, and we will all be winners.

Han Dong, Our New MPP

Trinity-Spadina has a new Member of Provincial Government: Han Dong, seen here with his children. He replaces YQNA’s long-time friend, MPP Rosario Marchese, who worked with us on many issues that are specific to our condo environment, such as new legislation to protect condo owners’ rights and ending developers’ reliance on the OMB. We hope Han will take up these causes. Both Han and Rosario are staunchly opposed to jet expansion of the Island Airport.

YQNA thanks Rosario for his many years of friendship and open communications. We welcome Han and look forward to including him in our neighbourhood issues and his help in protecting our beautiful Waterfront.