16-Year-Olds Protect the Waterfront


In late August, I invited my grandson, Noah (16), to join me with his camera as we went out canvassing in the Beaches area for signatories to our NoJetsTO Petition against the expansion of Billy Bishop Airport. He overheard many comments from people.  A few hours later, we ran out of sunlight (and steam). I was leaving for a five-week trip to Europe, so Noah stepped in and said he would have a go at putting together a film. Until our walkabout, he had not realized how serious the damage of an expanded airport would be for his generation. He presented this film as a gift to NoJetsTO:

Noah lives in Councillor Josh Matlow’s Ward 22 (St. Paul’s), well away from the Waterfront. He invited his friend and classmate, Gideon, who lives in Mary-Margaret McMahon’s Ward 32 (Beaches and East York), to join him. Gideon was already troubled with the noise of the current Q400 turboprops “that even fly over the residential areas.”

I can’t say how proud I am of these boys, as I am sure you will be when you see their video.

Braz Menezes

YQNA member

    Sign this online petition and say no to jet aircraft at the Island Airport.

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