Sculpture in and about Water


The waters at Harbour Square Park will be home to a unique sculpture this summer — a treat for the eyes and with deep spiritual meaning. Upcycle is the creation of Toronto artist Javid Jah in collaboration with Dr. Debby Danard of the Anishinaabe. It was initiated by Waterfront Toronto and will attract crowds from early June to late September.

Toronto artist Javid Jah created a unique water sculpture.
Here is the complex construction of the 12-foot wide Upcycle, fabricated by Qube Company. At the core is a metal frame.

The imposing sculpture will be secured to a float dock which is anchored on the lakebed. Boaters can get close, but without touching the structure — and of course kayakers cannot dart through the centre even if tempted.

This floating wheel will consist of 456 re-used water bottles, holding messages from people who volunteered their stories. Everybody drawn to the Waterfront can certainly relate to the power and magic of expansive water meeting the sky. Some of the messages in the bottles are contributed by people around us, expressing their love for this source of life and the need to preserve it.

Upcycle will reflect the sky and the changing light as it moves gently in the water. People’s valuable quotes about water will be collected by the artist and presented in an online companion to the piece, which can be accessed via QR code or the Waterfront Toronto website.

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