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The York Quay Neighbourhood and its surrounding wards sit at the heart of the most active urban development in North America. The construction planned for the area over the next 10 years has no precedent. Anticipating large scale disruption to our neighbourhoods, the Federation of South Toronto Residents Associations, FoSTRA was created in 2021 to collectively advocate for good urban design.

FoSTRA currently supports YQNA and its neighbours in 24 south Toronto residents associations and four neighbouring wards. It is driven by a belief that neighbourhoods must be comprehensively planned at the street and block level. Development must go hand in hand with transportation and infrastructure investments, and unavoidable neighbourhood displacement and disruption requires thoughtful planning and close collaboration with residents. Networks of walkable public spaces, whether they be parks, open spaces or strategic tree plantings should be non-negotiable.

FoSTRA has established four key working groups focusing on intensification, affordable housing, parks and the environment. The association has submitted opinions to planners and politicians on close to 20 issues ranging from the Strong Mayors Act to co-ordinating construction scheduling to reducing the impacts on residents, employees, businesses and commuters. Participation in these working groups is open to all YQNA members.

If you are interested in helping to support neighbourhood associations in their advocacy for good urban design, or if you are interested in reading any of FoSTRA’s submissions, please go to

Written by Mary Hirst,
Vice-chair of FoSTRA and YQNA member

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