Silos to Go?

YQNA has participated in many meetings that focused on what to do with the Canada Malting Silos on Queens Quay near Bathurst. They are an eyesore and a danger because the walls are deteriorating.

Would it become a music school? A museum? A condo/hotel development? After years of discussion and studies, we now hear that the silos might be torn down. That’s a surprise, because we have always been told that it would be too expensive to remove these solid concrete structures. The cost in the past was estimated to be $8 million, which may be eclipsed by the land value today despite being next to the landing path to the Island Airport.

The City’s Heritage Preservation Services oversees the silos. So far, they have not invited us to a public consultation on what’s going on. YQNA has asked to be included, especially because of the effort that our residents have put into this issue. We know that a Toronto Museum is no longer in the cards for this location. Many people wish the silos gone, but don’t want other tall buildings to take their place.

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