Representatives of the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Association, CommunityAIR, The Toronto Island Community Association, the Harbourfront Community Centre, the YQNA and dozens of members of the waterfront community attended the Toronto Port Authority’s meeting regarding the Draft Noise Study Report for the Island Airport.

The February 17 meeting, which was well-attended and included heated exchanges between the community and TPA officials, took place at the Queens Quay Radisson Hotel.

A technical Advisory Group consisted of representatives from all Waterfront associations was set up by the TPA in Nov 2008 to give input to the Noise Study. The Advisory Group has met with the TPA only twice since the Study commencement in Nov 2008. The Feb 17 meeting is being held without any significant input into the Noise Report contents by the Technical Advisory Group since project commencement. The TPA is calling the meeting a ‘public meeting’ despite only 9 days official web posting notice spanning a long weekend and no advertising in local papers. The Advisory Group feels that the motive for the TPA in circumventing the Advisory Group is to suppress informed technical inquiry into the findings of the noise study report. This presentation of the Noise Study by the TPA will be the first one seen by the Advisory Group.

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