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Do you ever read the Twitter postings that appear on the lower right hand side of our YQNA webpage? They began when various social media were first gaining popularity as ways to share information among large numbers of people. A group of YQNA members formed a committee to decide how best to take advantage of the opportunities Twitter might offer. Our webmaster at the time designed a Twitter account, Leah Lambert agreed to manage it and continues doing so today.

Our tweets do not take political positions, but do share timely information that could impact our neighbourhood. We retweet interesting news from community groups, organizations, and elected representatives or levels of government. It can be news on proposed projects, upcoming meetings, and a range of developing issues concerning the waterfront, such as public health, transit, the environment, housing, recreation, business, etc.

Our Executive encourages members who would like to be more connected via Twitter to follow us at York Quay NA. Our tweets will then appear on your Twitter feed, and you can like, retweet, or comment on them. If you want to suggest content for our feed, please email a link and Leah Lambert will post any material that’s timely and appropriate.

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