New Flood Studies

Please be informed that three New Basement Flooding Improvements Studies have initiated for the area of “St Clair Ave to the Lake/Jane-Keele St to Don Valley Parkway.”

Kindly direct your members to to take the initial survey in order to help the City in determining the source of the flooding.  This is a first step to the study process.

A notice and newsletter (contains more information) are being emailed to BIAs and Ratepayer Associations for forwarding to their members.

The analysis includes curbside-survey (catchbasins), sewer modelling and technical analysis. In the coming months, the studies will determine the locations and size of sewer upgrades, underground storage, wet/dry ponds and other solutions to reduce the risk of future flooding. More details and updates are at

General Information:

1.    The study areas were determined by the underground sewershed (wastewater drainage system).  The drainage (sewer) systems for these three “bundled” Study Areas are: Mid-Town Interceptor, High Level Interceptor and Low Level Interceptor (trunk sewers). Due to the size of this bundle with over 100,000 homes and buildings, and the Ontario Class Environmental Assessment process, the study will take a few years to complete.

2.    Other flood protection initiatives are already underway, e.g. “find and fixes” of sewer infiltrations and leaks.  The City also has a subsidy of $3,400 Basement Flooding Protection Program (BFPP) for homeowners who install flood protection devices.  More information is at

We will provide more details and updates in the coming months.

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