Councillor Adam Vaughan Leaves


Adam Vaughan, our high-profile city councillor for the past eight years, will soon leave City Hall. He made the decision after tumultuous sessions in Council under the current mayor.  Adam’s encyclopedic knowledge of city issues and passion for urban planning has now put him on a federal track as the Liberal candidate for the Trinity-Spadina riding.

His departure is a big loss to our Waterfront neighbourhood. No doubt City Council will miss his insight and fiery repartee that often turned debates around 180 degrees. The ongoing fight against the proposed jet expansion of Island Airport showed Adam at his best. He understands the wheels that can turn Toronto into a great city — the urban planning issues, public transit, the arts, heritage and preservation, and he has always been a defender of the most vulnerable citizens. High priorities for him are affordable housing and quality of life for families in this multicultural city.

YQNA thanks Adam for his guidance and willingness to work with us. He has always supported the great Waterfront revitalization that is ongoing under the auspices of Waterfront Toronto. He is advocating new legislation that will give the city’s planning department much needed controls over future developments here. We are not likely to get another councillor with Adam’s unique dedication, intensity and skills. We wish him the very best and expect his positive influence on our lives will continue.

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