Jen Chan Goes to Queens Park

Jen Chan

Jen Chan, assistant to City Councillor Adam Vaughan, has been our friend and unwavering connection to City Hall for more than seven years. She had close connections to the Waterfront long before working with Adam, so we consider her part of the neighbourhood. Over the years, we have relied on Jen to give us the right information about the explosion of developments and challenges in our neighbourhood, and we listened to her discreet advice on what YQNA could do for best results at City Hall. She was invaluable and much liked by all.

Now Jen has taken a new job as Senior Associate at the Ontario Growth Secretariat and will be working with municipalities in the GTA on development plans and Greenbelt protection. We are very happy for her big career move to Provincial Government, though sad to see her leave as our Waterfront liaison to Adam. YQNA held a festive send-off for Jen on February 17 in the Radisson’s beautiful “View” party room facing the lake. The big turnout included YQNA, BQNA, GWNA, TICA, Jen’s City Hall colleagues and NoJetsTO. Here is Jen with a picture of the Waterfront as her farewell gift from YQNA, and below with Marcia Boyd, a fan of Jen since she started working with YQNA.
Jen Pic 2

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