Celebrating Waterfront Police

YQNA member Lloyd Graham led the spontaneous singing of “.. and they are jolly

good fellows” for the guests in uniform. Here he is with constable Neil Hall.

YQNA threw a wonderful dinner party in appreciation of police officers from the Marine Police and 52 Division. Our association has constant access to them though our members of the Police Community Liaison Committee. Around 30 police officers and 30 residents filled dinner tables in the party room at Waterclub, Nov. 23.

One constable said, as he refilled his plate, “We thought we would be invited for pizza!” Instead the elaborate potluck dinner offered delectable foods from around the world, sumptuous desserts, a bar and door prizes. The room was donated by Waterclub, flowers by Sobey’s, gifts from Mariposa Cruises and MP Olivia Chow gave an enormous cake along with a certificate of thanks to the Police. YQNA member Cyndy De Los Santos organized a great party with many cooks in the kitchen.

One of our Member Condos wins TOP AWARD

YCC 510, more commonly known has 55/65 Harbour Square, has won the Canadian Condominium Institute’s prestigious CONDO OF THE YEAR AWARD. The award, which carries a value of $5000, was presented to members of the Harbour Square Communications Committee which is headed by Doug Dempsey.

The Canadian Condominium Institute is an independent, non-profit organization formed in 1982 with chapters throughout Canada. Its Toronto Chapter represents more than 500 condo corporations.

Congrats to the Brookfield Management team, staff, and residents of Harbour Square.