The bottom of Yonge Street has become an attractive Promenade and adds a new bike lane to the Waterfront. At the ribbon cutting were (left ot right) Downtown Manager of Planning and the guiding force behind this $5.1 million project, Al Rezoski, Michael De Cotiis of Pinnacle International, City Councillor Pam McConnell, Barry Fenton of Lanterra Development, and Yvonne Bambrick, Director of Toronto Cyclists Union.

Good planning does happen in Toronto. The new Yonge Street Pedestrian Promenade was officially opened on September 29th with City Councillor Pam McConnell and Downtown Manager of Planning, Al Rezoski, giving a tour of the new, attractive streetscape.

The densely populated neighbourhood put great demands on the pedestrian realm. Rezoski was praised for his tenacity and urban savvy, giving this formerly sad part of Yonge Street a green and pedestrian-friendly look. It now has wide sidewalks, planters edged with seating, 125 trees in raised beds, wide pedestrian crossings and 86 new roadway lights in the railway underpass. A charming plaza, open to the public, was created by Pinnacle International on Harbour Street.

One tall condo tower houses as many people as a subdivision, so bike lanes, parking and lock-up rings for bikes were important additions. Yvonne Bambrick, Director of Toronto Cyclists Union attended the event along with Michael De Cotiis of Pinnacle International and Barry Fenton of Lanterra Developments. Residents from St. Lawrence and York Quay Neighbourhood Associations applauded the promenade, which is one of several that will connect the Waterfront to downtown.

Traffic continues to flow at this busy intersection at Yonge Street. The major improvements are for people on two legs or two wheels. They’ll be safe and can enjoy a beautiful entry to the Waterfront.