Friend of the Waterfront Retires

Christopher Hume, who has spoken often about the Waterfront in his Toronto Star columns, is ready to retire. His opinions and sharp pen will be greatly missed. When you live in the midst of North America’s largest urban renewal project, our Waterfront, it is invaluable to have friends who will listen to ideas and concerns of citizens, especially in the media. Christopher Hume has been such a friend to YQNA.

We have learned much from him, and some of his columns have been inspired by information and arguments that YQNA made about buildings, parks, roads, noise and the controversial island airport. He welcomed it, did the necessary research and drew his own conclusions, which resulted in some pithy columns that sometimes were at odds with the Star’s own editorial policy. That is quite a feat for a journalist.

We assume Chris will continue his pursuit of knowledge about what makes cities tick. He has travelled the world and reported on big cities that develop with plans for the next 50 years or more, and transit that is built before buildings shoot up like mushrooms — almost foreign concepts in Toronto! His love of architecture made him grade our newest Toronto buildings like a schoolmaster, and he strongly backed Waterfront Toronto as the lead agency for our area. YQNA got a taste of Chris’ passion for urban life at a talk for our members. This photo shows him at the farewell party for John Campbell, former CEO of Waterfront Toronto. YQNA wishes Chris a great retirement, but we hope he will find new ways to educate us about this city that grows and grows.

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