John Tory and Olivia Chow.
John Tory and Olivia Chow.

John Tory Leaves Waterfront in the Lurch

John Tory cancelled his participation in the important Waterfront Mayoral Debate the day before the event, planned for Tuesday, September 16 in Harbourfront Community Centre. Tory’s last-minute decision was considered very disrespectful by the many Waterfront volunteers who invested time and money in the debate. Rogers TV10, City News online and other media also invested much time preparing for the debate.

This one-on-one debate between Tory and Olivia Chow was much anticipated because of the Waterfront’s controversial issues — the proposed jet expansion of the island airport, and the urban renewal led by Waterfront Toronto. By leaving organizers in the lurch without an explanation, it is assumed that Tory is unwilling to face these issues.

York Quay Neighbourhood Association, Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Association (representing 10,000 residents) and the Waterfront Business Improvement Area had planned this debate for three months. They paid for renting the hall, which holds 500 people, as well as a sound system and promotion.

Tory’s abrupt cancellation is bound to raise questions about his commitment to the Waterfront and will likely cost him votes.


judith cockman

i’m deeply concerned about this cowardly exit by a man who’s led us to believe he will protect our tiny, unique island and the thousands who live and work in the area impacted by the Porter traffic congestion, noise and air pollution that’s already destroying this once-beautiful area of our city.

hamish wilson

I am glad I checked this out online ahead of a trip from Bloor/Spadina, and I too am perturbed at this avoidance of the issue and those affected as it is a rejection of very valid concerns about noise, pollution, and dominance of a public resource by a private interest. Also worrying is that underlying the Airport issue is a great worry about how we fuel climate chaos as we’re not nearly so green as claimed, and one example is how we ignore air travel as a source of Toronto GHG emissions. So is Mr. Tory thus in favour of climate chaos? Smells like it to me.

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