Sign Olivia Chow’s Petition to Parliament

This is our Waterfront?

— or that?

Our Member of Parliament, Olivia Chow, represents Trinity Spadina and thereby the Waterfront. At YQNA, we know her passion for the Waterfront and the Islands. Olivia’s timing is perfect for making a petition to the House of Commons to stop the gross jet proposal of the Island Airport. MP Matthew Kellway of Beaches-East York made a similar petition. If you too want to save the Waterfront from jet expansion and pollution, please sign Olivia’s petition. Share this link with friends throughout the GTA who also love the Waterfront.

Here is Olivia’s petition to the House of Commons:


  • The planned expansion of the Toronto Island Airport will ruin the city’s waterfront through increased air pollution and paving a portion of Lake Ontario; and
  • Increased passenger numbers at the Island Airport will cannibalize business from Toronto Pearson and the Union Pearson Express rail link;
  • The Toronto Port Authority is estimated to owe the City of Toronto $40 million in back taxes,

THEREFORE, we call upon the Government of Canada to:

  • Block any changes to the Tri-Partite Agreement that would allow jet airplanes or extensions of the Toronto Island Airport runways;
  • Stop subsidizing Porter Airlines, e.g. through EDC loans and virtually free usage of federal port lands and facilities;
  • Compel the federal Toronto Port Authority to pay millions of back taxes owed to the people of Toronto.

Sign Olivia’s petition here.


Michelle Gaipo

Save the waterfront!!!

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