Q400 Crahes Again

As you may know by now, another Q400 plane crash landed in Europe, this time in Copenhagen airport (for full story click here). That’s SAS’s third crash in 7 weeks! SAS has now decided (according to Jyllands Posten, a reliable daily) to get rid of all it’s Q400 planes. Quotes from the paper:

” Patience and confidence have disappeared after a dreadful year for SAS. As a result, none of SAS’s passengers will ever fly in a Q400 plane again,” said SAS’s chief operating officer Mats Jansson.
It is already clear that the decision to replace 27 Q400 planes will cost SAS millions and will negatively affect the company’s economy.
“We have had problems with this plane for a long time and have suffered three crash landings. Consequently we must get rid of the plane entirely,” continued Jansson.
SAS will buy or rent new planes to replace the grounded Q400 planes.
SAS will attempt to get Bombardier to take back the planes.
“Lease agreements on the planes expire in 2010 and 2012. SAS will not lease these planes out to others. We will attempt to get Bombardier to take back the planes. They can then decide if they will lease them to others or what they want to do with them,” said John Dueholm, vice president of SAS.
That’s it for now …. I think the big story here is that 27 planes might be returned to Bombardier. What’ll happen to them? The Danish story suggests that these planes will continue to fly somewhere, leased to unsuspecting or cash-strapped companies. Are we connecting the dots to the local scene?